Our work is only possible because of the support we recceive from a wide range of people and institutions around the world. Every penny, shilling or cent counts towards making a big difference. You can be a part of the team that helps to resource positive impact for disadvantaged children in Zimbabwe! Here are a few ideas...

Do you have a special birthday or event coming up? A big anniversary? A wedding? Baby shower? Instead of friends and and guests struggling to guess what to buy for you; make it easy and make a difference, by having people gift to Revive Build Chid instead. Wherever you are, let us celebrate with you by telling us about your event.

Volunteer Opportunities

Revive and Build Child (R & B Child) offers meaningful volunteer opportunities in Zimbabwe. As a volunteer, you will work on a worthwhile project that addresses specific community needs and immerse yourself in the rich and hospitable Zimbabwe culture. You will make a lasting impact as you teach children in a local classroom, improve the quality of care for infants, and work alongside local people on sustainable, community-driven projects that make a lasting difference. R & B Child offers a variety of different projects, so wether you are a student or professional, you will be able to find a program in a field that will match your interest, experience or studies. Our volunteer programs are safe, reliable, hands-on and affordable with high-quality service guaranteed.

Contribution Options

Voluntary Work

email us at

Donations (goods)

If you have tangible items you would like to donate, just sent them to Number 195, Ashylands Farm Hwedza, Zimbabwe

Monetary Donations

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